We’ve launched a brand new initiative to help out our amazing Live Clean Tribe – Weekly Pay.

We want to do our bit to help Social Marketers with their cash flow, especially now in the current climate BUT this will be a permanent initiative that we have fast-tracked to our Australasian Social Marketers.

Here are a couple of our tips to get the most out of Weekly Pay!

Weekly Pay will be based on Australasian Sharing Bonus and First Order Bonuses only.

Work with your Leaders
Come up with a game plan to continue to drive your business and capitalise on Weekly Pay.

Work with your Teams
Set weekly Customer Pod and new Social Marketer recruitment goals to make the most out of Weekly Pay to get your team’s cash flow moving at a time when they need it.

Recruit new Social Marketers and help out
Remember there are a lot of people right now looking for extra income or a business they can work on from home, who need cash flow, so this is our chance to help out people in our community and give them a real opportunity of supplementing their income in the current climate.

Okay, so what do you need to know?

  1. The first Weekly Pay is for the period commencing April 1 2020
  2. The first Weekly Pay close off for all April bonus month Customer Pod orders and new Social Marketer first orders will be 3pm ACST or 5.30pm NZ time on Wednesday April 8.  If orders miss this cut off they will be included in the next Weekly Pay.
  3. First Weekly Pays will be paid to bank accounts on Thursday, April 9.  Of course, you need to allow for your normal bank transaction timing.  Some Weekly Pays will hit bank accounts from Thursday onwards, depending on your bank.
  4. All future Weekly Pays will maintain the same weekly cycle of Wednesdays 3pm ACST or 5.30pm NZ close off with payments processed on Thursdays (the day after).
  5. To be eligible for weekly pay you must be 150MP personally qualified for that bonus month as at the Weekly Pay close off on Wednesday 3pm ACST or 5.30pm NZ time.
  6. If you do not have 150MP personal qualification until later in a month, it just means that you will not receive your Weekly Pay until you are 150MP personally qualified, at which point you will then be paid on your total month’s Sharing Bonus and First Order Bonuses to date.
  7. From April and May 2020 months onward, Weekly Pay will continue over the end of the month on the same schedule, meaning it is possible that you will receive 2 payments in the crossover week.  1 for the last month and 1 for the new month.
  8. Weekly Pay will be debited to your Modere account each week, then your Monthly commissions will be calculated just the same as always and you will be paid that Monthly Commission less any Weekly Pay you have received for that month.
  9. Weekly Pay must be a minimum of $5, otherwise the commissions will accumulate until the next Weekly Pay cycle or your Monthly Commission, whichever comes first.
  10. It is possible that credits on your Modere account will affect the Weekly Pay debited to your Modere account, resulting in all or part of that credit being paid out in your monthly commission.
  11. Anybody with a commission bank account set up in their Back Office will be eligible for Weekly Pay subject to personal qualifications.
  12. If you want to be eligible for Weekly Pay, but don’t already have a commission bank account set up with Modere, you will need to update your bank account details in your back office Shifting Retail > Settings > Account > Commission Payout before Wednesday 3pm ACST or 5.30pm NZ time.
  13. There will be no weekly statements, however monthly statements will remain the same and will include your Weekly Pay payment transactions for your reference.