There is nothing better than getting in touch with an old friend but what would make that moment even better? A little gift too!

Here’s an excuse for you to reach out to your customers that haven’t purchased in a while- we’re giving them $15 credit straight into their account! This credit equates to free shipping or even a free product if they pick wisely.

We have put together an Inactive Customer Social Marketer Pack to give you the tools and information you need, like how to even find your inactive customers, to get them to fall in love with Modere all over again.

As part of this Pack, you will find:

  • How to use the Active Customer Report to find your inactive customers
  • List of Modere products that are $15 or less
  • 3 Modere products you can ‘sell’ for ‘FREE’
  • Conversation starters
  • DM scripting
  • Frazer Brookes’ advice if you get ghosted
  • Canva email template
  • Social Media tiles
  • How to use the assets

This is the best opportunity for you to get in touch with those customers that haven’t purchased in a while. It’s a chance to say hi and gift them $15. That’s hard to say no too!