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My Tools Interactive Videos

What Are Interactive Videos?

Interactive videos allow you to quickly and easily add clickable interactions to your own videos or YouTube videos.

By adding interactions to your video, viewers will have the ability to:

  • click to shop now
  • send you an email
  • schedule a meeting
  • follow you on social
  • or even call you directly all from within the video Once created, you can share your interactive video directly on to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or copy and paste the video link in an email or text.


Creating Your Video

  • Download the Modere LIFE App via Google Play or the App Store
  • If you already have the Modere LIFE App, be sure to refresh the content so that you have the latest version of the App
  • From the Tools page, scroll down to the bottom to“My Tools” section
  • Click the ⊕button to record or upload your video
  • Click SAVE to save your video Tip: When making your interactive video, be sure to reference the icon in the video so that your audience knows to click on it.
    Tip: The Life App will automatically compress your videos if your phone’s camera is set to 4K. So please ensure that you are using 4K or UHD settings for the videos you are recording and uploading to the Life App.

Adding Actions

  • Select from the icon options and drag the icon to where you want it to show in your video
  • Enter the relevant information depending on where you want your icon to be directed (URL, phone, email, etc.)
  • Click NEXT
  • Enter the Title and Description/Post you want to accompany your video
  • Click SAVE to save your video

Tip: For future videos, having your URL copied into your clipboard will make adding the URL to your icon fast and easy!


  • Click on the video you created, located in the My Tools section
  • Click any share icon to share your video
  • Once a video has been created in My Tools it can be shared indefinitely