We’ve talked about it for a while and had a spectacular chat about it at SRC with US Elite 3 Social Marketer Brynn Lang and VP of Global Sales, Justin Serra BUT now it’s almost here. We’re talking about our One Voice Facebook Syste,! With three separate groups making up this one system, there are a million reasons why you need to be across all three groups – Live Clean, Social Retail and One Voice but here are four very good reasons to be in the One Voice Facebook Group.

  1. CURIOSITY: Our One Voice Facebook Group will be one of the few places you will be able to find assets that we create for you to use in your seeding and curiosity campaigns including those from our promotions, new products and events.
  2. EVENTS: Find all the exclusive content and promotional assets from our biggest events including SRC and our Modere LIVES. Yes, we will be streaming our Modere LIVES into the One Voice Facebook Group including our first for the year on Tuesday April 7!
  3. LEADER & CORPORATE TIPS: Corporate and our key leaders will be sharing their tips on some of our biggest business building events and incentives like Escape! March and April will be about focusing on how to attract new Social Marketers as this is one of the criteria to get to Escape – Enroll 3 new Social Marketers! We will share tips direct from our leaders and some pretty cool assets to help you on your way too.
  4. LEADER TO LEADER: This will be our direct portal to you and the place we will put all of our information, tools, assets, training and educating materials for all of our Social Marketers.

So make sure you are in all three groups especially the One Voice Facebook Group before Wednesday, 18 March at 3pm (Adelaide time). And, if you are not – make sure you go to your upline and get yourself added!