Make Shift Happen in 2019

“Life is not the way it is supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” Virginia Satir.

One of the best ways to describe life is that it is like the seasons. And, as with the seasons, life’s winters come to us all, at various times and in various ways. Some are hard; some are easy. Some are short, some long, and some seem as though they will never end! And they just keep coming. You can’t escape them, so you must learn to handle them.

But take heart! For what always follows winter and has done for thousands of years? SPRING of course! The time of new beginnings. The time to put aside the pains and disappointments of the past and start planting new seeds for the future.

Keep in touch, as we look forward to providing you that inspiration –to enable you to handle your winters, make the most of your springs, maintain and nurture your new growth and receive the rewards of your harvest – the new YOU.

In conclusion though, let me stress: the key word in all of this is ACTION! If the things you learn only lead to knowledge you merely become an educated fool. Make the lead to action, and that will change your life! And, just as you do not have to know all about the law of electricity to switch on the light, so it is with this life. Initially, it is only necessary to keep flicking the switches –the rest will come.

Make That Shift Happen in your hearts, in your mind and your spirit.

On behalf of Modere Team, I wish you all a very fearless, happy and roaring year 2019!

Written by Silky Arora, Social Marketer Success Manager

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