During our Modere Marketing Mash Up Facebook Live, our Sales and Marketing Manager Allana shared some social media tips about how to get your photography right for Instagram and Facebook. It’s about product placement and how you can embed that into your life.

1. Take up our photo challenge
For the next week, take a snap whenever you have a Modere product. For example, you’re reading the paper, having your morning coffee… Grab one of your Modere products, pop it along aside and take a photo from up the top, so you’re looking down. This is called a flatlay. This will help start to bring in the products but in a lifestyle way and showcase how Modere products fit into your lifestyle.

2. It’s all about content
Carry your products around and start to build up your content. 14 minutes is the maximum time that social media lasts these days. The need for fresh content all the time is what you need. In terms of keeping your business relevant and your brand top of mind all the time, it’s important to have fresh and relevant content.

3. Keep them talking
Beautiful flatlays are a good way to create content that people will want to share. Lay your products down on a coffee table, grass or a beautiful textured background like a benchtop or some wood and have a play. As much as we love a good diva light, natural light is always best.

4. Hashtags
Make sure you are always using hashtags that can relate back to you. You are promoting your brand but it is really important to use the hashtags as this a way to have a look and see who is using your content, who is sharing it and what they are doing with it.