The imminent closure of Avon Australia in 2018 leaves 21,400 Australian Avon representatives who may be looking for a new business opportunity that still provides them with a flexible lifestyle working from home.

It has been widely reported that the reason for the closure of Avon in Australia is that the business model is outdated, with most people not at home to open the door to the Avon lady anymore.

As we’ve seen with recent growth in our own Modere businesses, so many Customers are moving to Social Media for beauty tutorials, community connection and preferring the convenience of online ordering.

Here at Modere we believe we can offer these representatives an exciting and modern business opportunity, where they can join our Live Clean Tribe and work together with us towards our 10 Million Healthy Homes mission – all with Modere’s business model that is designed for today.

Our business model has a strong customer emphasis with generous commissions and bonuses paid to Promoters focused on using and sharing our Live Clean products and building a Customer Pod.

The other side of our business model is building a team and the resulting generous remuneration that follows with our market leading Compensation Plan.

So with so much to offer, what do you highlight when sharing our Modere business opportunity with an ex-Avon representative?

  • Live Clean Products that are effective, safe and ethically produced
  • Live Clean Tribe and our 10 Million Healthy Home Mission
  • Convenient and simple customer online ordering and direct shipping meaning a Social Marketer can spend more time introducing people to the products, recruiting and supporting their team of Social Marketers and less time managing orders, payments and deliveries
  • Generous Customer Loyalty Program
  • Share The Love Program
  • Customer Centric Business Model, underpinned by Customer Pod building where there are no depth or breakaway limitations
  • Substantial Customer Pod Commissions – Sharing Bonuses, Monthly Selling Rewards and Platinum Plus Bonuses
  • Social Media Business Building
  • Team and leadership opportunities with generous compensation plan (to avoid confusion and information overload don’t go into detail on the other commission opportunities at this stage – as impressive as they are – stick to the Customer Pod bonuses as this is what most Avon representatives will relate to in the early stages)
  • Global Business Building Opportunities in North America, Canada, Japan and Europe

The old adage really is true, when one door closes another opens.

The Modere door opens to an opportunity to be part of a Live Clean movement that is changing our world. Not only that, it provides a business based on a modern customer-centric model where new Social Marketers can earn seriously good money in the early stages of building their Modere business as well as amazing income growth potential based on building a team.

You can approach ex-Avon representatives with confidence knowing that Modere has what it takes to build a successful business in today’s world and commit to their success because their success is your success.