Firstly, did you catch the Modere LIVE in Auckland?

If you did, then you would have seen the launch of our exciting new project – the Modere Education Academy!

Sales and Marketing Manager Allana sat down with our Product Educator Ashleigh to discuss all the details and what everyone can expect from the Modere Education Academy.

Sales and Marketing Manager and Product Educator Ashleigh talk Modere Education Academy

Launching on Monday 9 September, it’s is designed with you in mind.

We know there is a great need for more education on Modere’s products so we’ve built a comprehensive program with training modules that not only incorporate our fabulous Modere product ranges, but also dive a bit deeper with specific training and information around the human body, nutrition and natural medicine.

We know everyone comes to Modere with varied levels of experience (and that’s super cool!) so we’ve created a program you can tailor to your personal level of knowledge, lifestyle demands with an opportunity to ‘work at your own pace’.  Where appropriate we will be providing a basic, intermediate and advanced section to make the program even more personalised for each of you.

Modere Education Academy is coming

Modere Education Academy will deliver monthly modules in a number of ways to take into account the various ways in which people learn, so you can expect to see for each module:

  • A video with all the key learnings from each module
  • A PowerPoint presentation with a voice over for each module
  • An e-book covering all the information in the presentation, perfect to re-read later
  • A Facebook LIVE with Ashleigh covering the major points in each module and the opportunity for Q&A’s LIVE

Modere Education Academy will be available in the Back Office of Shifting Retail and on the Modere LIFE app.

Make sure you mark Monday 9 September in your calendars!