Getting Started with Modere

Specifically designed for new Social Marketers, our Getting Started Program consists of 8 videos, which cover the basics a new Social Marketer needs to know to get their Modere business up and running.

  • Exec Welcome
  • Brand
  • Our Product Story
  • Communications & Events
  • Shifting Retail Back Office
  • Compliance
  • Compensation & Commissions
  • Social Media

Getting Started is available in the MODERE Life App NOW and in Shifting Retail > Training > Getting Started on Wednesday 3 July.

We encourage you and your team to enjoy the mobility and ease of watching the Getting Started videos in the MODERE Life App, but remember, for tracking purposes, Social Marketers need to track and update their progress in Shifting Retail.  So, if you finish watching videos in the MODERE Life App, make sure you update them as complete in Shifting Retail > Training, so that you know where you are and we are updated on your progress too!

We recommend that all Social Marketers complete the Getting Started Program regardless of how long they have been with Modere.  That way long standing Social Marketers can familiarise themselves with the content so they can direct their team to particular modules depending on their questions or information they require.  And Social Marketers that have joined Modere more recently get all the information they need to ensure they are best positioned to kick start their business.

We appreciate the integral relationship between a Leader and their Social Marketer and we have designed the Getting Started program to make it simple and enjoyable for you to orientate your new Social Marketer.

It is the responsibility of the enrolment sponsor to guide their new Social Marketer through the Getting Started Program.  We recommend that enroller sponsors schedule this with their new Social Marketer within their first 15 days of joining.  If you can’t do that in person, you can utilise Zoom or something similar to complete the program with your new Social Marketer.

Remember an enroller sponsor achieves Modere Shifter Accreditation when they join at least 3 new Social Marketers who have all completed the Getting Started Program.  The accreditation is renewed and issued annually, but must be achieved between 1 March – 31 October 2019 for Escape qualification.

Please note that if a new Social Marketer enrolled from 1 March 2019, they can now complete the Getting Started Program and will still count towards Escape qualification and Modere Shifter Accreditation for their enrolment sponsor.