A passion for sport set Connie on the path for coaching success.
Learning at an early age the power of determination and commitment, it’s as if Connie was always destined to join our Live Clean Tribe.

Having immersed herself in the world of ice-skating for 26 years, from skater to coach, Connie learnt that she could do anything she set her mind to. But with 16 years of ice skating coaching under her belt, the logical next step for Connie was a move to the fitness world. With an urging desire to see others achieve their goals, it’s a desire that has stayed very much with Connie and will no doubt be the driving force in her success here at Modere.

Owning her own insurance agency along the way, for some, might have seemed like a completely different direction to take but again seeing others, particularly women achieve financial freedom and ultimately achieve their goals, was Connie’s focus. She was again in her pocket.

It was a role at the country’s largest advertising medium, that a love of all things digital grew for Connie. Today, she has fully immersed herself in the social marketing world.

As she starts as our Social Marketer Success Manager, Connie clearly sees that all she has learnt from coaching and her love for digital and social media combined, will make her an amazing asset for us and an extraordinary resource for you. Your success is her success. Helping you achieve your goals and dreams is her business. And helping you get there is what she does.

Welcome to the Live Clean Tribe Connie!