Social Retail Next Gen Pre-Launch Bonus

The next evolution of Social Retail is coming with Social Retail Next Gen at our Social Retail Conference March 17-19, 2022! 

In anticipation of this disruptive and much-anticipated launch, we are excited to announce a special limited-time pre-launch promotion. This promotion will help you ACCELERATE your business in preparation for Social Retail Next Gen. 





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  1. For a new enrolment to count for the Team Count qualification:
    1. An AU or NZ SM must have a minimum of 150 MP within 5 days of their enrolment date and an international SM must have a minimum of 125 MP within 5 days of their enrolment date. The month the enrolment occurred is the month the individual will be counted regardless if the order is placed within 5 days in the next month.
    2. For an order to be considered it must be placed by the new Social Marketer, shipping to their address, and paid for a card in their family name.
  2. To qualify for the bonus SMs must also meet frontline enrolment MP and new personal SM counts
    1. SC to STL: 150 MP with a personal enrolment
    2. Director 1-3: 300 MP with 2 personal enrolments
    3. Elite 1 + : 450 MP with 3 personal enrolments
  3. Qualifications and bonuses are based on a single month between 1 January and 31 March 2022.
  4. AU/NZ Elite Paid Titles must have an OP3% value of 4% or higher to qualify each month
  5. Team is defined as 5 actual levels of your placement tree sign ups (so in the reporting structure as found in the back office – Network Sponsor Report it will be based on all sign ups in your 6 actual levels)
  6. NZD payout is equivalent to AUD payout values in NZD


  1. Sign in to your Back Office
  2. Go to > Reports > Network Sponsor (placement structure)
  3. Select in filter;
  4. Max Level: 6 (you need to track 6 actual levels to report on the sign ups for your 5 active levels)
  5. Number Of Records: All
  6. Select; Run Report
  7. Select; Signup Date column to sort by latest sign up date
    1. Include all Social Marketers with a sign up date for the single month of January, February or March 2022 that you are tracking
  8. Confirm MP and Country columns;
    1. Minimum 125 MP – all countries with exception of AUS & NZL
    1. 150 MP – AUS & NZL SMs
  9. If there are any PRIVATE nodes in your report you need to include 1 extra level for every PRIVATE node in that leg only not for your entire organisation
  10. Total the number of new Social Marketers for the month with the correct MP and refer to Next Gen Pre-Launch Bonus table for qualification
  11. Don’t forget in addition to the new sign up total numbers, you must also ensure you have enrolled a new Social Marketer/s and met your personal MP requirement based on your Paid Title for the month, as per the rules.

Watch this video for a demonstration on generating your report.


Are the bonuses stackable?

No, if you achieved Director 2 with 32 qualified SMs in your team, you would earn only $1,400 AUD and not the payout for 16 or 8 in your team.  

When will this be paid out? 

These bonuses will be paid out with your regular commission check under the ‘Commission Adjustment’ section of your statement in the bonus month you are eligible and qualified for the bonus.

I joined Modere on January 1, 2022, am I eligible? 

Yes. This promotion is open to all Social Marketers. Special rules apply to Paid Title Elite 1 or higher SMs with regards to earning the bonus that must also be met.

How is a team defined? 

A team is defined as the first 5 actual levels in your placement structure and no compression will apply.  Nodes labelled as “PRIVATE” will be skipped and not counted as a level.

I am a Director 1 with 5 in my team, do I earn the lower bonus for SC to STL? 

No. Your Paid Title determines what bonus payouts you are eligible for. In this case the Director group requires at least 8 in your team to be qualified for the first available payout.  

Are the Team and Personal Count numbers cumulative over the 3 months of the promotion?

No. Each target is based on the individual bonus month and qualifications must be met in that month. A Social Marketer is eligible to earn a bonus in each of the three months.

Can I count international enrolments in my first 5 levels?

Yes. If they qualify in their market, then they will count as a new SM with their MP for you. Conversely, a new AU/NZ SM will contribute to an international SMs new SM count if they placed their 150 MP order within the first 5 days.

Important details on how to communicate promotion


  • Position the promotion as focused on team development and growth in preparation for Social Retail Next Gen
    • Now is a great time to get involved
    • Exciting growth happening already with Social Retail model
    • Next evolution will create new opportunities
    • Now is a great time to get involved and start preparing
    • Opportunity to get started now and participate in new incentives (no specifics or direct references to this promotion)
  • Discuss the focus on helping Social Marketers within their close influence
  • Point out the promotion is to help support their efforts in attracting and working with new, interested business builders


  • Use any language referring to the promotion as a recruiting bonus, recruiting incentive, or recruiting promotion.
  • Focus on enrollment over team building
  • Publicly promote the promotion or amount of money that could be made. Social Marketers should discuss the opportunity to grow their team with existing team members, but not on public facing platforms.