Hey Live Clean Tribe!

As we near the end of the year, we cannot believe that 2022 is right on our doorstep and that means SRC is just around the corner. Who is excited!?!?!

If you are like any of us, this year more than most, it may feel even harder to get all the way through to the end of the year, but SRC is not about the end…. it’s always about the beginning.

We want you to start your year off right. This year, as a team and Live Clean Tribe, we rose to the challenge. We looked forward, not backward. We worked our way through the challenges, and we are here at this point together.

And now…. for 2022…. it’s time to ACCELERATE!

This officially is our theme for 2022 – ACCELERATE!!!!

Can you imagine… all the groundwork you have put in till now, the Live Clean Tribe you have been building, the Live Clean message you have been sharing – it’s the foundation for you to not only grow, but to ACCELERATE!

There will be so much goodness to share with you in the new year about our speakers, our content and some hints at the new products we have in store for you.

We can’t wait to share more with you and get you ready for a 2022 where you can not only live out your dreams but allow the people around you that we all serve to live clean in their own lives too.

If you are yet to fill up those Christmas stockings, maybe a ticket to SRC 2022 might just do the trick.

Finish the year off how you would like to start the new – and then get ready to join us at SRC and lock in 17-19 March, 2022 in the Gold Coast, Queensland and get ready to ACCELERATE!

PS – Event Conditions Update

Currently, Australian states have different forms of being “open” or “opening up” and we are working hard to stay up to speed with the variations. The team at Modere wanted to thank you for your feedback in the last few weeks and update you on SRC 2022 and our pre-planning.

With conditions changing in different states, we do feel that by March 2022 we will be able to host SRC live in person. We also know based on the feedback from the survey recently sent, that there is an overwhelming desire to get together in person, so that is what we are planning for.

The team is working around the clock to ensure that all of our Covid management practices are in place following health advice to deliver a safe event, for you. The Gold Coast Convention Centre along with the Queensland Government will have local rulings that may cause some of you some concern. But you don’t need to miss out – either way!

If you have already purchased a ticket but are now unable to attend physically due to the Covid vaccine requirement outlined by the Queensland Government, we are currently working on digital options and your physical ticket will be transferred over to a virtual ticket with some bonus options. Stay tuned for more information early in the new year.

Your wellbeing and continued success is at the centre of all of our decisions and we know the magic that is created at our in person, live SRC events, so we hope you will be able to join us.

W: https://events.shiftingretail.com.au/

E: events@modere.com.au