We all know that sharing is at the heart of Modere and the Social Retail model. While there’s nothing quite like talking face to face, let’s face it, it’s the 21st century and we’re now connected digitally to people around the world 24 hours a day.

40% of the world’s population has access to the internet and the single most popular thing they use it for is social media.

While many Social Marketers already use social media to connect with each other and their teams, there are also plenty of Members who are not currently using social media. Choosing to not have a social media presence means you are currently missing out on the opportunity to connect with other Social Marketers, Modere itself and a whole world of potential customers!

The bottom line is that social media is a powerful tool for building your Modere business and creating awareness about the products. If you’re not already social media savvy, we’ve prepared a series of easy to follow guides on how to set up your social media accounts and get your message out to a potential audience of billions of people!

Facebook how to guide
Twitter how to guide
Instagram how to guide 

Best Practice
Now you have a social media presence, what next? Start communicating, sharing and connecting!

Most importantly though, your first act should be to like or follow Modere on Facebook at, Instagram: @modere_au and Twitter: @Modere_AU

Modere icons

Please feel free to interact with and share content posted to the Modere social media feeds – the more you interact, the more awareness of the brand you create!

The Resources section in your Back Office at Shifting Retail also offers a selection of high quality logos and images you can use online. Remember you can also share each individual product via the share option located on every product page of the retail site!

Before you expand your digital footprint across the social media channels, please read and familiarise yourself with the documents below before taking part in the use of any digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Guidelines
Policies & Procedures

It is vitally important that you do not use Modere’s corporate social media sites to solicit and when you comment or interact, remember to follow the policies and procedures. The company is solely responsible for information posted by us or by others to our social media sites; and to protect both others and the company we will remove any unsolicited, derogatory or negative content.

Remember not to share your Promotional Code via social media that’s for face-to-face use, but you can (and should) share the link to your PWP!

We’ll see you online!