When you work hard, you should balance life by playing hard – and that’s just what you can do with Modere Escapes.

Qualifications for the first Modere Escape to Kata Beach Resort in Phuket are now open. Set your goal, take action and you could be our guest!

The path has very well defined steps:

  • Start by sharing Modere and build up your customers
  • Introduce new Social Marketers into your team
  • Help others to go Team Leader
  • Set your goals for rank advancement
  • Seek counsel from upline Team Leaders

Hit the goals and you’ll be hitting the beach with Modere! 

Two Paths – One destination. 

Kata Beach, Phuket

There is an Escape plan for new Social Marketers and one for the more seasoned ones – you can find all the details by checking out the brochure here. 

So we’re guessing a trip to a tropical resort as our guest sounds pretty good? Make it yours! When you’re out and about sharing Modere, keep picturing yourself laying in a hammock on a pristine, sandy tropical beach with a cocktail in your hand…

Other Social Marketers may already have a head start, but we know you can catch up and be on Kata Beach as well. Come on, go for it – make your Escape with Modere!

There are so many Social Marketers who are already on the Path, running hard, right now, to get there. Will you be one of them?