We love webinars. They’re an ideal medium to enable Social Marketers from around the country to – in the virtual sense – gather together without the logistical hassles of getting people together in one physical location.

Webinars power online learning and overcome the ‘tyranny of distance’ for many Social Marketers who would otherwise be unable to attend the local MeetUps, seminars and training sessions in many regional locations.

In case you didn’t already know, the word is a mash up of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’, and webinars are a great and highly inclusive way of holding meetings, presentations and training. With almost all of us having access to the internet in our homes or via a device we can carry in our pockets or handbags, webinars enable the audience to connect with the host or presenter online to share visual and audio content.

At least twice a month, Modere Corporate produce a webinar to highlight a specific aspect of the Modere products or the business opportunity. (We know a lot of teams organise their own webinars – have a word to your Upline and see what your team can do to help communicate and spread ideas online!)

Over the coming months, we’ve already locked in a great selection of hosts and topics to provide a wealth of knowledge, ideas, personal development, product information and much more.

In October, Georgina Thomas will take us through the ins and outs of Modere Socials; while John Catsicas will share his deep insights into the Health and Wellness range.

November delivers the ever entertaining Corey Sievers take on business building as a Social Marketer, and Melissa Dowling focuses on the vital topic of children’s health.

December starts with Matt Riddell taking an all-encompassing look at MeetUp, events and social media; and we’ll wrap up 2015 with Andy Kirss and Rick Arnold taking a look at the year that’s been and sharing their joint vision for 2016 and onwards.

(We have to say, it’s a little mind-blowing that we’re already talking about 2016!)

We’ll share the finer details on dates and times through the usual channels as they draw closer, but wow, what a line up!

Naturally, there’s a whole lot more to come. In the meantime, you’ll find a growing library of previous webinars on this site if you click here.