We all know that to hit the ground running you need to be armed with the right knowledge and guidance from the get-go. This is why over the coming months we will be rolling out improvements and initiatives to make sure you have the best tools and information at your disposal. The first to be released is the new MODERE LIFE – Life App on Wednesday May 22.

In the week after our MODERE LIFE – Life App launch, we will also be rolling out our new Getting Started Training Program specifically designed as an orientation for new Social Marketers. Completing these training programs will be vital for your new Social Marketers but yourselves too because remember, part of the Escape 2020 qualifications is Modere Shifter Accreditation, which is achieved by recruiting 3 new Social Marketers within the Escape 2020 qualification period – March – October 2019 bonus months, and as their enrolment sponsor guiding your new Social Marketers through the new Getting Started Training program.  If your new Social Marketer doesn’t complete the Getting Started training they will not contribute to your Modere Shifter Accreditation.

Whilst we are on Modere Shifter Accreditation, remember any new Social Marketers you recruited from 1 March 2019 will count towards your accreditation and Escape 2020 qualifications provided they have completed the Getting Started training program now that it is available.

Completing the Getting Started Trainings can be done in Shifting Retail. However, it is important that once each stage of the training is completed the Social Marketer checks the training as complete so we know when it has been completed.  Of course our Social Marketers are welcome to use MODERE LIFE (Life App) to complete their trainings, but they will still need to mark the trainings as completed in Shifting Retail Back Office Training for them to be recognised as complete and be counted towards their enrolment sponsor’s Modere Shifter Accreditation.

From Monday 13 May, new Social Marketers will also receive a product catalogue in their first order and we will be refreshing the new Social Marketer Welcome Email over the coming weeks to further enhance a new Social Marketers experience as we know you only get one chance to make a first impression – and we want to build long-lasting relationships and set up our Social Marketers for success!!

It’s exciting times ahead!