We are always looking at how we can provide the best value for money for you and your membership with us. AND with so many exciting and impactful projects bubbling away at Modere HQ, it’s a great time to be a Social Marketer!

Some new initiatives coming your way is the MODERE LIFE App, which will revolutionise your business… PLUS the new Getting Started Program for new Social Marketers – 8 simple orientation training videos that are packed with valuable and up-to-date content. When you add all that up with what we currently offer our Social Marketers, it’s hard to believe that you can purchase a ready to go business with all this amazing support and tools for under $100!  Not to mention the money can’t buy experiences and feels that this business brings – Escapes, changing people’s lives and game-changing products anyone?!

Some companies charge up to $15 per month to access an App and desktop version that is similar to what you get from our MODERE LIFE App BUT we have been able to package up the price of the App and desktop version into our Annual Social Marketer Fee and keep our Social Marketer Fees down to an incredibly low price of $59.95 for the Social Marketer Enrolment Fee and $49.95 for the Annual Social Marketer Fee. These fee increases will take effect June 1 2019.  This means any Social Marketer whose Annual Social Marketer Fee is due and paid prior to June 1 will be $35 and all Annual Social Marketer fees paid after June 1 will be $49.95.

We know you and your new team are going to love these new initiatives and as a Live Clean Ambassador we want you to be proud of what we have to offer and share the opportunity to live a live clean life and build your own side hustle or full time gig with everyone you meet.

Welcome to the Live Clean Tribe!