Get in the know with all the reasons why you need to watch.

  1. We are announcing and launching two pretty cool promotions that are all about Winter Wellness. We have alluded to what some of the products may be BUT this is your chance to find out first. You won’t want to miss it!
  2. We are launching a fully integrated customer relationship tool that is trackable and is going to change the way you do business. Life just got easier with the Modere LIFE App and it will get even easier with our Life Hacks for the Life App LIVE segment at the Modere LIVE.
  3. It’s not easy to speak in front of camera, with all the lights and knowing that you are going to air LIVE!! So show your support for our incredible MelbourneLive Clean Tribe who will be sharing. Get a Watch Party together and spread the Modere heartbeat.
  4. Learn about our products from some amazing people who are sharing their experiences PLUS hear from our resident Pharmacist and Naturopath John Catsicas talking you through some of our Winter Essentials.

Be watching at 7.30pm AEST at our Modere LIVE Facebook Page.