Here at Modere HQ, we’re putting the finishing touches on the new MODERE LIFE App which is a native Android and iOS app, that will revolutionise and simplify the way you do business.

The App will be launched at our Modere Live Melbourne on Wednesday 22 May so make sure you and your team are either at the Live or watching it to get all the latest new.

The Life App will make it simple to access, download and share assets directly from your smartphone via text, email or your Social platforms.  When sharing your assets your promo code will be embedded and if the recipient selects the Learn More button for that asset they will be redirected to either the Shifting Retail or Modere website (whatever is appropriate for the asset you are sharing) so that your prospect can sign up or buy directly from the website with them being linked to your promo code. How cool is that?!

Here are some more reasons why we can’t wait to launch the MODERE LIFE App:

  • Track contacts or team members actions when sharing and receive notifications when they open an asset, view it, right through to purchase or sign up
  • Build a Favourites list by simply selecting Favourite on the asset share screen
  • See Modere’s Social Media feeds
  • A desktop version will be accessible through Shifting Retail > Tools, which includes more prospect and contact management as well as analytics and reporting functionality

The App integrates with your smartphone’s contacts and Social Media platforms too making it simple to utilise the Social Media posts directly into your own Facebook and Instagram in 3 easy clicks.  It even drops in suggested text that you can personalise to create an experience that is not only on brand but personalised!

Another benefit of this App is that if you have prospects in other Modere markets, you can get access to that market’s assets too and share away, knowing that if your prospect buys or joins as a new Social Marketer in an international market they will be directed to that market’s website and will be linked to you seamlessly. This makes for a simpler and stronger connection that is personalised to their market. Currently, MODERE LIFE is only in North America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia but look out for it coming soon to Europe and Japan.

As a Social Marketer the Life App will be available to you as part of your Annual Social Marketer Fee.  Other companies are charging up to $15 per month for similar apps which include the desktop version,  so that is amazing value for money.

Make sure you are watching or in the room of our Modere LIVE on Wednesday 22 May at 7.30pm AEST for all the information you need PLUS a segment on Life Hacks for the Life App with Allana and Social Marketer Loganesh.