GM MONTHLY – May 2022

Santorini Sunsets, surrounded by the top echelon of Modere Social Marketers and our Modere General Managers worldwide. What an experience! Strategy, Sunsets, Quality time, Connection, and FUN! This was our inaugural Elite Black Retreat, and what a destination to select. Our Elite Black Retreat in Santorini was nothing short of amazing. From the picturesque sunsets to coming together with some of the biggest leaders in Modere to strategise, have open conversations, and troubleshoot our challenges from around the world, sharing learnings to help us win collectively.

The Elite Black Retreat 2022 was an opportunity for Corporate to spend some time connecting and building great relationships with our Elite Black Social Marketers. For me personally, what makes these Global events so memorable is seeing the connection and bond amongst everyone, Elite Blacks, Corporate, long-time Social Marketers, and those who have stormed the ranks in recent years. The most magical part is watching and listening to phenomenal stories of business success, life-changing product moments, and sheer excitement for the future and what this amazing company offers. This was an opportunity for me to represent you and have your voice heard on a global stage. To come together with leaders of other markets, find solutions, and work together to find ways to drive growth faster. We heard our fierceness CEO’s global vision and innovative leadership and built lasting working relationships that will hold us in strong positions for the future as we catapult into a new season of growth.

Santorini is a bucket list destination that most people only dream of. There is nothing quite like the white and blue terrace homes and church domes of Santorini. Volcano hikes and hot spring swims were a chance to connect in nature with teammates worldwide. It’s been so long between flights, and the connection means so much more to us these days.

Waking up to the beauty of looking into vast, turquoise oceans was mesmerising. But it wasn’t all play – we took advantage of being together as a brains trust that represents you all. A time strategising about the future of Modere and an opportunity for input from Elite Blacks on technology, communication, product innovation, and casting the vision to the horizon and beyond. The future is exciting; the foundations are laid. Modere is set to raise the bar yet again. And this was highlighted to those amongst us that had forgotten about the contagious energy at these events, it’s the place to be. Modere events change perspective, explode businesses and create wider networks.

Escapes are a unique opportunity to explore the world and celebrate with you! In 2023 we will be chasing the sun and escaping to the Shangri-La Resort & Spa on Yanuca Island, Fiji. Don’t forget, for the first time, Australasian Escape Achievers will have the chance to celebrate and experience all Escape has to offer with family upgrade packages! We know that Escape is so much more than a destination – the memories and lifelong bonds that our Achievers make on Escapes are what make it truly unforgettable.
There are five months left to qualify for Escape 2023. Qualifications end 31 October 2021. For all the details, click here:

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This is where lifelong friendships are made over a mutual love for Modere. We’ve said it before there is no better place to get business tips, product knowledge, and insights than when you’re belly to belly with like-minded Social Marketers. These Escapes and the time spent away are something that you cannot put a value on.

The only question I have now is, ‘Will you be joining us in Fiji 2023?’

Best Wishes,
Allana Hinks