GM MONTHLY – March 2022

WOW. I am speechless.

The energy, connection, and emotion that was felt this weekend are indescribable. Over 760 days since we last celebrated in the same room, and although many of you were missing, we still stood connected by technology all around Australia.

I will never get tired of hearing your stories and passion – each of you has something incredible to share, and we will forever give you a platform to stand on. With over 50 speakers on Friday & Saturday, I am sure you took away something incredible to ACCELERATE your business in 2022.

SRC is an experience we get to share in together.
It’s a unique feeling of connection, celebration and excitement that comes only once a year.

Thank you to every Speaker, MC, Achiever, Venue Staff Member, supplier, and the incredible people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.
Thank you to every one of you who showed up, physically or virtually to play full out. Get ready to go full throttle!!!!

To our excellent Modere staff, Thank you. I feel truly blessed and honoured to work alongside some incredible people! You worked tirelessly to make this event EPIC!

Thank you to those who joined, participated, and made SRC 2022 possible πŸ₯°πŸ’• Now, we Accelerate into 2022!

Best Wishes,
Allana Hinks