There are plenty of reasons for people to be attracted to Modere. The products (or course!), the way we do business, our ingredient paradigm – but there’s something extra special that could sweeten the deal for bringing customers into your pod.

The Perks of Modere Rewards.

Unlike rewards programs that seem to absorb a whole lot of time and energy without offering anything in return, Modere Rewards are simple, experiential and immediate.

Here’s how simple it all is.

To be eligible for Modere Rewards, all your customers need do is set up a customer account and they’re fully enrolled. As soon as they purchase product, they start accumulating points; one point for every dollar spent on products.

They can supercharge the reward process by leaving product reviews on the site, as soon as we publish it, that’s an automatic 50 points!

First up are the Perks.

Points go towards obtaining four levels of Modere Perks –1st Level (1+ points), 2nd Level (500+ points), 3rd Level (2,500+ points) and 4th Level (5,000+ points). The more points you earn, the sweeter your Modere Perks are — from shopping credits, product offers, to birthday gifts and more.

This table highlights the full benefits Perks offer.

Points Gift with purchase when obtaining level* Voucher with
$100+ order
Product of the Month Birthday gift
1 – 499 10%
500 – 2499 Yes $5.00 15% Yes
2500 – 4999 Yes $10.00 20% Yes
5000 + Yes $15.00 25% Yes


Modere Perks

There’s more though.

Running alongside the Perks are Modere Rewards. By having just a single point, customers are in the running to win a Modere Experience, the more points the better their chances!

Each month, a random winner receives their choice of Modere Experience.

Our first Modere Rewards winner – Cherylea W of Pegs Creek, Western Australia selected the stylish and practical 25 piece May Time black and white dinner set from the Rewards gift shop as her prize

At the end of twelve months, one Grand Experience winner will win an all-inclusive, luxury vacation for two

To find out all you’ll ever need to know about Modere Rewards; and have a look at the exciting benefits and prizes on offer, please click here.

Remember, when you’re out to build your customer base that shopping at Modere definitely has its rewards!