When you discover your favourites from the Modere range, odds are you’ll always want to make sure you always have a supply at hand and never run out.

What if we were to tell you there’s a way to ensure your favourite products always arrive on your doorstep at regular intervals and all you have to do is order them once?

Let us introduce you to SmartShip.

SmartShip enables you to set up a regular order of your favourite products and have them delivered automatically with a frequency of monthly or every two, three or six months.

You can set up a SmartShip order from the special tab – QuickShop in the shop area of the website or directly from each individual product screen!

No need to remember to place your order, no need to even be online or to ever run out of your favourites. We’ll automatically ship your order at the intervals you determine. You can even modify the products in your SmartShip order, or the frequency of delivery at will.


Naturally we’ll only charge you once your order is packed and ready for shipping. Plus, because the system is dynamic, you’ll automatically gain the advantage of any special offers or promotions that are current at the time your order ships.

What a great deal!

You can even set up a SmartShip order to have products regularly sent to a friend, family member or even a worthy cause!

Should you ever decide to cancel your regular SmartShip order, that’s simple too. There is no obligation on how long you need to have a SmartShip order in place. All you need do is login to your Modere account and make the changes.

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the convenience of having the lifestyle essential products you love automatically delivered to you exactly when you need them.

Try SmartShip for yourself, it’s a very clever way to shop.