[This blog is the first in a regular series highlighting – in their own words – the achievements and backstory of Social Marketers whose contributions to Modere shine out.]


Ten years ago, we joined the forerunner to Modere for our health (thank you Wendy-even though I didn’t really believe you that day). Our four children were constantly sick; we thought that was normal-plus there were other illnesses and I had adult acne.

We started taking the products and one day Richard proclaimed ‘It’s been a while since you went to the Doctor’s’.

That’s when we became interested!

We have met many amazing people in our travels and being part of their health journey is humbling.

When we achieved an all-expenses paid trip to Vietnam, this further opened our eyes to see what was possible…

Leaders who empowered others – yes!

Leaders who lived an amazing lifestyle-not tied to a J-O-B…yes please!

Leaders with dynamic teams – yes again!

So four short years ago, I started with a ‘no excuses – learn all I can-riveted focus’ path way to my goals.

I invited others to come on board and they said yes! (What you think about you receive!}

When you are helping others, you get excited and forget about your own stuff. So…help lots of people! Totally immerse yourself. I did so around my four kids – it’s amazing what you can do in a short time frame between 9am and-3pm!

I guarantee you will find grateful people who start to refer, then those who wish to build a better future.

If we forget about what we want (this is so important) then what you want will follow.

Kym Fitzptrick

To the amazing Leaders who have shared their expertise, I endeavour now to do the same – thank you.

I am truly humbled by the Company and Corporate who recognise such achievements – and thank them for such life changing products.

We all need a helping hand, a coach, a mentor.

Pauline Rowley provided sound experience.-and is a truly insightful Leader.

Make sure you get on a path with a Leader who will provide you with this.

I am very grateful for such an inspiring Leader who teaches a simple but powerful credo – don’t complicate the system.

Modere is too exciting for words-there’s so much that is here for us all to grasp and run with it. I know my very inspiring Team Fitz are ‘running’ towards their own exciting goals this very moment.

Make sure you get to all the Events that are organised—that’s where you will find those who you are meant to find

Can’t wait to see you all in Phuket.

Stay Focused.

Kym & Richard