It’s not called “Mad March” for no reason. Wow! What a tremendous effort throughout the entire month. We continue to watch a healthy rise in rank advancements nationally, with 12 Team Leader promotions and 9 Senior Leader advancements from QLD, VIC and SA including an awe inspiring effort from Louise Macartney making Elite 1 in South Australia. Well done, Louise!

The dedication and sheer determination of so many Modere Social Marketers to achieve milestones of both business growth and professional rank continues to fuel the progression of the brand in the Australasian market on both sides of the Tasman.

If these March results are anything to go by, we’re forecasting an even more exciting future of achievements and promotions to come throughout the year. And just wait until the Men’s Line and Cosmetics range get released. All we can say is – watch this space!

Who else has earned the accolades and a turn in the spotlight for March? Click here for all the details