As I write this I am reflecting on how my life has changed way beyond my wildest dreams since joining Modere almost 10 years ago! I have a background in Nursing, Midwifery and Child Health but have always been drawn towards natural health and healing. In late 2006 I was searching for a range of high quality supplements and personal care products for my family – a range that was affordable, accessible and genuinely free from any potentially harmful ingredients. The only company back then and still today that ticked all my boxes was Modere. Within a short period of using the products I noticed a marked improvement in my health and that of my children’s. I naturally started to share Modere’s simple lifestyle principles and over the years, hundreds of other families have experienced similar results regardless of their symptoms.

Just by teaching what I was learning I began to create a home-based business, which subsequently enabled me to resign from my career 5 years ago. I absolutely love my life today, I have health, vitality, time, freedom and huge job satisfaction as I see people become educated and empowered to create changes in many areas of their lives.

I feel so incredibly proud to represent the world’s first innovative Social Marketing Company offering a ‘better way!’ I love everything about the company – its integrity, phenomenal products, the long-standing commitment to the environment, the humanitarian initiatives and the powerful global mission to create 10 million ‘Live Clean’ homes. To our amazing corporate team for their vision, innovation and endless commitment to global health – thank you for your tireless work in creating this revolutionary new Social Retail model we have in Modere!

To Eris you are the most inspirational person I have met in my life! It has been such an honour to have you as my mentor. To my gorgeous Upline Zia for always being there and to Vicki, Joe and Louise you have all played a significant part in this amazing journey. Finally, to my team you are such a passionate, caring community of change makers. Let’s continue to be the crazy ones who think we can change the world. Who knows…. with Modere we just might.