Stacey Singh’s life has played out much like that of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Right from the get go, the now Platinum 2, Director 1 Social Marketer from WA has survived every curve ball life’s thrown at her; from a difficult and colourful childhood to eventually moving out of home at the young age of 16 and into a relationship which she later left because of domestic violence, Stacey struggled to get a break. But against all odds this devout mother of four has managed to turn her life around and leave her haunting past behind her. Since joining Modere in early September this year, Stacey has gone from strength to strength as a hungry Social Marketer keen to learn and embrace change, whilst discovering a true love and passion for our Live Clean products and lifestyle.

In her desperate pursuit of happiness, Stacey has not only built herself and her family a thriving home business, but she has also become the fastest achieving Platinum 2 Director 1 in Modere’s history! All of this while raising four children with help and support of her loving husband. To top it off, Stacey has also just qualified to join a select group of Modere Achievers on the 2017 Modere Escape in Cancún, Mexico! Not such a bad way to end the year for this Social Marketer rising star!

Driven, successful people often come from a place called Struggle Town. You won’t find it on any map, or on any GPS device, but it exists in every state, in every city and every little neighbourhood in every country in the world. Stacey’s story is one of many. It’s a story of true grit and determination, a story we can all take something from.

Stacey, we are so proud of your achievements and having you as a symbol for success and role model for other women in similar circumstances.

From all of the staff at Modere Headquarters, we’d like to congratulate you on a magnificent achievement and we hope your Modere journey inspires more women to change their lives.