As people prepare to cruise through another Christmas of overindulgence and into the New Year, many will be looking to embrace something new for 2017. So what better time to introduce them to the Modere Live Clean range of products and the lifestyle that comes with it? We took some time to sit down with Modere Social Guru, Karen Floyd for a quick Q and A on the benefits of hosting Modere Socials and how to best capitalise on the jolliest of seasons as a Modere Social Marketer.

Q: Why do you think Christmas is a good time for someone to host a Social?

A: Christmas is a great time and opportunity to reconnect with all those people you haven’t seen in ages… it’s a great time to just let your hair down, have some bubbles, just even being social and catching up, finding out what’s going on in people’s lives, it might set you up for the following year… it’s like a two pronged approach… you could talk about weight management beginning January… have a little back up plan in your head, when you have your Christmas Socials also have an event prepared for the early part of January so you can then just casually be mentioning to the people that you’re catching up with around Christmas, “Oh by the way, I’m doing a jump into January get fit program” and start a little fitness/shed the kilos page, so that you’re all exercising together and getting into shedding those Christmas kilos, because I think quite often January is normally the time when people want to make New Year’s resolutions, set goals and normally most of people’s New Year goals are good health, so because most people are thinking next year “right,  I want to be healthy, I want to give up smoking, I want to start eating well, I want to start looking after my body”, that fits perfectly into our live clean company, so by getting Social in January it’s then creating the conversation so that when you have the January event already up and going, you’ve got people that you can invite to it.

Q: So do you have any tips if someone’s going to host a Social in December, how they can make it a bit more Christmas-y, i.e. a goody bag?

A: It’s up to you… keep it simple and know where your target market is… if you’re hosting a Social at your home at Christmas and it’s Customers that are coming by, yeah, it would be great if you have any excess product that’s sitting in your cupboard doing nothing, why not clear out your cupboards and get a bit generous and give it away or have little goodie bags or have a couple of little spectacular offers that you create for people that book Socials in January… so, if you go through your cupboards at home and see what you’ve got a lot of, maybe put some little packs together and say “look I’ve got these packs for people who book in January” and make it a good pack, you know, make it so it’s something that’s worthwhile… so, if I was a host, I’d be pretty excited about getting it… maybe something that’s a little bit over and beyond what the Modere Corporate offers, because already the Modere Social program offers quite generous gifts for hosting Socials, so this spectacular little pack that you put together could be something over and above what’s already on offer.

Q: So, is it also a good time to host a Social because then the Host can get a little gift for themselves?

A: Of course they could… the hosts, like us, all get busy, so it’s just a good time to just catch-up and re-connect… so, for me, when I was in the business, when I used to do Christmas Socials, I actually personally always booked in a number of Socials… so I might do it over a weekend, but maybe do a Friday Social and invite one group of friends and then maybe do a Sunday afternoon thing, and invite other people, because sometimes what can happen is they’re not all available at the same time and also I would then cater the Social towards the people that are coming. So if I knew that the people who were coming on the Friday night were people that were generally into looking after themselves, and generally like to go to the gym regularly to exercise and they’re into living clean already – I would then target the little spectacular packs around living clean… and if the other Social was people that maybe couldn’t afford the skin care or were struggling with the basics, I would target them with a little skin care pack… but you know really, with the little packs that you might put together, it really just depends on what’s in the cupboard… whatever is in your cupboard is normally what you’ve stocked up on, it’s normally something that you love, so therefore you would normally have a bit of a story about whatever it is you’ve got in your cupboard.

Q: Obviously Christmas is about, giving and saying thank you and looking at what we’re thankful for… so what the options for the Host as a “Thank You” gift?

A: So just for hosting, just for having three customers at their social they can get either their choice of an Antioxidant Gel or a Soothing Lotion… both of those products are fantastic for around Christmas because a Soothing Lotion is good because if you accidently go out in the sun you’ve got something to put on afterwards… and the Antioxidant Gel is fantastic especially if you’ve been having a few too many over indulgences, so it sort of just puts those antioxidants back into the skin and it does actually make your skin feel absolutely beautiful.

Q: So how would the Host then get these gifts?

A: When the Social Marketer registers the Social, it automatically goes to their Promotion cart.

Q: Can a Social Marketer host their own Social?

A: Yes they can, which is exactly what we’re promoting they do over Christmas… because that was the reason why I used to always host a few of my own extra Socials over Christmas, because people would get too busy to have you come to their house, so to take the fuss out of getting you to come to their house, I’d go “Oh, you know what, I’m actually already having a Social on this date”.