One of the things that makes Modere feel like one big, supportive family is the fact that we recognise our Social Marketers’ achievements. We’ve done it since our inception, and will continue to do so well into the future. This practice unifies us and instils a desire to break new ground.

The October Gold Coast SRC was a prime example of just how many Social Marketers (both relatively new and well established) have exceeded their own expectations of what is possible when they set realistic goals, and not only achieve them, but knock ‘em out of the park!

For the first time, we presented a special award inspired by Elite 3 Social Marketer, the late Christine Gear. Christine was a Social Marketer who knew no boundaries, she excelled at this business by knowing how to get the best out of her team, and developing layers upon layers of great Leaders in their own right. Therefore, it is with great pleasure we take this moment to recognise the tied winners of this Outstanding Leadership Award for 2016.

Will you please raise a glass to Terri McClure and Sam Long – a Director 3 team out of WA, and Erica and Greg Rowsell – another Director 3 team from QLD! It was amazing to be able to present these two inspired Social Marketer teams with the first of this prestigious, inaugural award.

Rowsells  Sam Long and Terri Mclure

Who will be lay down the gauntlet for 2017?

From all of us here at Corporate Headquarters we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all Social Marketers for attending #SRC16GC. We hope you took away some useful tools of which will help to take your business to the next level. If you would like to see some highlights and photos of the event, make sure you check out the Shifting Retail Facebook page to tag yourself and share with your friends.