[This blog is part of a regular series highlighting – in their own words – the achievements and backstory of Social Marketers whose contributions to Modere shine out.]


Support, the real key to duplicating success

The journey towards Director 1 for me was the coming together of many things, those being inspiration, motivation, training and support. I attended the launch of Modere in August 2015 and this experience helped to foster an excitement and belief that up until then I did not consider possible.

To gain appreciation for the incredible leaders of this company and their vision fostered a real sense of pride in supporting Modere and sharing the Live Clean message far and wide. I had heard how powerful attending events were and I experienced this firsthand.

I now advocate strongly to the new leaders in my emerging team this same message.

The launch of Modere set the scene, however it was the guidance and support offered from my outstanding upline and mentors, Erica and Greg Rowsell that really got me going, and kept me going. To be able to share in their knowledge, wisdom and experience was like having a safety net underneath.

I was always willing to climb much higher and any challenges were met with tremendous support.

Their support has filtered down to everyone I have been fortunate to share Modere with and it is now fantastic to see some incredible new leaders join our team.