With many thousands of Social Marketers scattered across the considerable area and two nations the Australasian Modere office is responsible for, we’ve grown ever fonder of the webinar as a communication tool. For its ability to inform, educate and entertain; the peculiar mix of intimacy and broad accessibility very much suits the Modere style.

Being able to attend or access a webinar anywhere there is internet connectivity overcomes a number of practical and logistical hurdles – not least of which are time and distance. A Social Marketer in Wanganui can access the same information simultaneously with another in Broome – albeit they’re five time zones and over 5,500 kilometres apart!

Live webinars even allow for direct interaction between the host, speaker and Social Marketers.

At least twice a month, Modere Corporate produce a webinar to highlight a specific aspect of the Modere products or business opportunity. (We know a lot of teams organise their own webinars – have a word to your upline and see what your team can do to help communicate and spread ideas online!)

Over the coming months, we’ve already locked in a great selection of hosts and a wide range of topics to provide a wealth of information, ideas, personal development, product knowledge and much more.

However, the webinars are every bit as much about you, the Social Marketer, as they are about Modere Corporate. If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see covered in a webinar by Corporate or another Social Marketer, speak up.

Send us a note to info@modere.com.au and we’ll see what we can do towards making it happen.

You’ll find details of upcoming webinars in the weekly Modere Memo newsletter; and if you’ve missed out on a previous webinar – or want to catch a particularly inspiring or interesting one again – you’ll find a growing library of previous webinars on this site if you click here.