You may have noticed the phrase ‘Live Clean’ popping up around the Modere brand recently. As we’ve grown into a truly global company with a correspondingly broad worldview, it’s become necessary to encapsulate the core values and benefits of Modere in a simple and effective way.

While some may be tempted to dismiss it as a slick marketing slogan, we believe that as a phrase, it delivers a shortcut to the heart of who we are and what we strive for as a company and brand.

There is no doubt that the number of people who are looking to ‘live clean’ is growing and it is rapidly becoming one of the major themes for our times. We all know and constantly hear all the things that are bad for us, our environment and our future; but we believe Modere – and those attracted to our products and our worldview – is actively working to make people healthier and the world a better place.

Most obviously, our products are a proudly better alternative – designed to be safer for you, your family, your home and our planet. It’s nature and science joining together to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

There’s more though, we believe practicality and beauty should go together so our products are every bit as stylish as they are effective. Purity and performance combine where safety and style intersect – and that’s a great place to be.

As a one stop shop for your everyday lifestyle essentials, we’re simplifying your life. Easily order online at your convenience, or scan your products through our one stop shop app. We’re positive that the little things which make your life easier and free up time for other pursuits have to add to the plus side of things!

The thought extends out across many levels. Modere products are ethical and sustainable with absolutely minimal environmental impact. Not only are the ingredients on the inside safer, but the packaging is better for the environment too.

Our major manufacturing plant is powered by renewable and inexhaustible wind energy, and we’re working towards making our operations carbon neutral. As a global company, we realise the importance of being a good global citizen.

As we work alongside our Social Marketers, we’ve reinforced our commitment to create 10 million Modere Healthy Homes around the globe. Homes where the ‘Live Clean’ message becomes a mantra.

It’s a step towards creating a world where living clean is accepted as an essential element of health, wellbeing and happiness.