We love Facebook Lives and find them so useful to share information about us, our brand, and our products. It is also a great way to build engagement and start a two-way conversation with our community. Most of all they are fun and are a real chance to show our personality! Here are some of our tips for doing Facebook Lives for Socials.

  1. Think about how you want to use the Facebook Live.
    One way is to promote your Social before the event via Facebook Live. The second way would be to do a Live from your Social. You could either do one where you are doing a makeup look on someone and talking about the products, for example, or you could film the whole Social.
  2. Find your voice.
    Work out what kind of tone and personality you want for yourself too. Are you fun and relaxed? Or a little more structured and serious? We here at Modere are very real and honest in everything we do so that comes across with your Lives – they are generally fun, real and true and not overly staged or set up.
  3. Plan.
    Take some time to think about what you want to say before you go Live. Make sure you know what you want to say and what you want to focus on. We plan out all our digital content and this includes strategies for our Facebook Lives. We still allow for fun and to be off the cuff but the basic theme and topic is always planned.
  4. Interact and engage.
    Lives that are interactive and build a two-way conversation are ones that take them beyond just a video. So think about questions that you can ask those that are watching. For a Colour Social promotion Live, for example, ask people what makeup look they want you to do at the Social, or ask people to send their questions into you beforehand and be ready at your Social to answer them. We have done a few of these and it’s a great way to start the conversation flowing and make people feel like they are a part of it. Watch what others do to get inspired.
  5. Get customers and make sales.
    The big key is to ask people to comment on your Live. Not only does this help with reach but then you have a list of people that have been watching and interacting with you, that you can then take offline and start a conversation with. Perhaps ask them to say hi and let you know where they are watching from and ask them to comment below. Then when the Live is finished, send a private message in Messenger to those that we were watching – say thanks and start that conversation you would have with someone at the actual event regarding Modere, our Live Clean philosophy and getting them to sign up as a customer or purchase products.

Even if you are nervous or new to Lives, remember it is about being true to yourself and having a little fun. Share with us your Lives by using #moderesocials too! So get creative and give it a go.

Relive the Modere Social Webinar on Facebook Lives too… find it in the Shifting Retail Back Office.