Today is the day of love so we thought we would list the top 5 moments we loved about SRC in 2019:

1. Daniel Flynn
We were all so excited to hear from young entrepreneur with an admirable mission, Daniel Flynn and he certainly didn’t disappoint. He brought us nuggets of gold like “impossibility is just someone’s opinion, not a fact” and left us feeling truly inspired with the knowledge that we have the power to change stuff.

2. The Social Media Panel with Julie Masters and Justin Prince
A highlight for our Creative & Digital Lead Nikki who hosted the panel, but also everyone in the room, Julie and Justin answered questions all about social media, influencing and that ever-changing algorithm. We were also challenged to “go out and share because the world needs your individual, unique voice and perspectives”. We didn’t get a chance to ask them everything we wanted so make sure you check out the Facebook Live we did with them both after here.

3. Gala Dinner – Achievements and Recognitions
Watching everyone who has achieved so much in 2018 get their moment to shine and walk across stage to cheers was a massive moment we loved. A highlight was presenting Sarah Jay with our Leadership Award with not a dry house in the house!

4. Social Marketers on Stage
We were amazed by your strength and courage to get on stage and share your stories and Modere journey – some for the very time. We couldn’t be prouder of you all.

5. Our SRC closer
We are sure this moment will be talked about for a long time to come. The moment when Justin Prince called all of our Elites on stage and reminded us that you are a “person of value who is making a difference. And you’re a person of value is making a difference with people who are making a difference. And the work that we do every single day to build your empire is work that makes a difference.”

Don’t miss the chance to make your own moments at SRC 2020 in Adelaide – get your tickets from your back office now (Events – SRC).