SRC Through Our Eyes

We are still blown away by the love and appreciation we received at SRC in Perth! All of our hard work was to ensure you had the bests time ever, learnt the most and felt empowered to grow and build your businesses.

Here’s what SRC was like for us from all angles:

ALLANA, Presenter & Exec Team Member

It was exhilarating. Walking into the convention centre and seeing Disrupt all over the stairs then walking up to the top to see the huge LED screen and the beautiful Shop.

The energy was electric from the moment we opened the doors to reveal the room. The screens and lights in the room really set the scene.

The audience were captured with Asma’s powerful speech lighting up the future of the company. To quote a social marketer, “to see the Australasian executive team stand together as one gave me huge confidence for our future”

Daniel Flynn really stroked the heartstrings with his humble presentation style about making a difference and having the power to change stuff.

Elite recognition intertwined throughout the event ensured everyone had their well deserved moment to shine and kept the energy high.

The vibe was supportive, excited, optimistic for the future and grateful for each other and the support of corporate.

It was evident that there was a real partnership feeling between corporate and our values social marketer

Day two was the day to transform businesses and mindsets with leadership training from Jane Wundersitz as well as Julie Masters with her powerful passion for influencing and setting everyone up to be their own thought leaders. Everyone was scurrying to take notes, especially in the insightful panel with Justin Prince and Julie Masters

No one closes an event like our very own Justin Prince. Deep and from the heart, he shared the 5Ps of success and how paramount consistency is. He closed with a mindfulness meditation which brought the house to tears and grounded everyone.

Then the party started…

More than anything else, I witnessed (and experienced) such incredible support and love from each of our Live Clean Tribe towards every keynote, every speaker and every member of corporate who shared their story on stage. The room was energised, receptive and wholly engaged – and because of that, we received the very best from everyone who shared.
I love that SRC gives us all the opportunity to hear the heartbeat of wonderful people from all corners of the globe, from all walks of life, each so different in skills and gifts but all sharing an authentic passion to Live Clean and make a difference in their world.
What a privilege to be a part of the Modere family!

NIKKI, Stage Manager
This SRC was my fifth and it was a completely different experience for me this time around. For the first time, I was behind the scenes and not amongst the thick of it experiencing the event as you would – in the foyer, at the bar and watching all of our amazing presenters. While I watched the backstage TV, what I got to see was something a lot more special – all of our speakers right before they went on stage. Some there for the first time to share their stories. Some so nervous to step through those middle stairs and tell the world about their Modere journey. And some seasoned professionals. I feel honoured to have been a part of that moment. To be the one to give them a hug and let them know that they would be amazing. And they all were. To see these people then step down the side steps relieved, exhilarated and excited was just the best moment.

AARON, Social Media
First SRC and the atmosphere was electric. Familiar faces locked eyes with each other like they were family and newbies were met with open arms. It was obvious the Social Marketers were there to learn and soak up as much knowledge just as much as they were there to connect, inspire and empower each other with their individual businesses. There were moments when people were visibly moved seeing their friends acknowledged and reaching their goals. It was honestly nothing short of inspiring. Sometimes we forget to check in and celebrate what we’ve achieved, how far we’ve come before we start making plans for the future.

Until next year everyone! Make sure you get your tickets for SRC 2020 in Radelaide from your Back Office (at Events – SRC) – if this year is anything to go by, it will be one you won’t want to miss!