Network Marketing provides us with a great part-time, full-time or life-time career option with awesome benefits. The industry allows you to grow your livelihood at your own pace, become a Leader and the CEO of your own business.

The greatest part about this type of work is that this business model is about Personal Development and Leadership. It’s about YOU.

Why do I say this is about Personal Development?  Like anything, there are challenges that we face and overcome that inevitably make us stronger.  When we have learned, implemented and shared results, we are ready to step up and be LEADERS.

So, what is it that we are about to learn within this industry!  Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Pain Points we face.  But before we do that, what exactly is a ‘Pain Point’?

A pain point is a specific challenge that our prospective customers and/or new social marketers see our business experiencing.

As you can see from the scale our prospects/new social marketers experience pain from 2. 

Unfortunately, there is a misconception out there about our industry.  If we are aware of what these are, we can address them up front when presenting Modere.

Previously I mentioned that only 2% of people will enrol with you on their 1st connection.  What that means is that you just had 98 ‘NO’s’ and only 2 ‘YES’s’. 

Our business is a about building relationships and timing. 

The stronger the relationship, the better your chances are in presenting Modere with your close ratio improving from 2:100.

1.        People hate harassing friends and family

When we start, we are asked to write a list of 100 friends, family members, work colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances.

Enter our Modere Life App.  It can synch your contacts, put them into hot and cold lists and BOOM!!!! You are ready to start.

Never rely on this alone.  Learn other ways to work simultaneously to get your message out there. 

Enter Traction Talks.  Join our fortnightly training sessions to find out more.

2.        People hate being rejected.

Not everyone will have the same level of enthusiasm about your product or service as you do. Not everyone will need your product or service either.

Here’s an example: I’m 50 kilos, the last thing I would want to buy is a diet program.  Sure, it may well have great health benefits, but the chances are that if I’m looking after my weight I’ll also be looking after my food intake.

So, if you’re presenting a dietary program to me, I wouldn’t be your customer. I would not see value in your product and would reject this, nicely of course.

Would you believe I had a young lady spend 2 hours in Messenger with me on this very subject!  I wanted to see how long she was going to go for.  In the end I had to tell her why I wasn’t her prospect and that 2 hours could have been better spent on the NEXT person.

There is a golden rule in sales: If someone doesn’t see value, you’ll never be able to sell them anything.  Do you due diligence up front.

3.        People do not know how to generate leads.

I see so many people using Social Media, throwing up anywhere between 5 – 10 posts a day, with little or no engagement. Clearly, there is no strategy in place and secondly you most certainly don’t need anywhere near 10 posts a day.  That is ‘spammy’.

If you don’t know what you want from your posts, you’ll hit that target every time.

Be strategic with your posting.  Mind map your posts to tell a story and lead your audience to a conclusion. Your series of posts could be over a week, maybe 2.

For example, if you have an audience that you know their pain is weight related, you could highlight benefits of one or our products in the context of healthy eating, exercise, then emphasize the body transformation that has taken place with you or one of your friends.

Have a beginning, middle and end to the series of posts, with a conclusion.

Now here’s the crunch.

Answer all comments on your wall.  If you only have likes, answer those with a question, tag the person.  This will encourage engagement.

RULE: 1/3 of your time on your wall, 2/3 of your time in Messenger.

4.        People do not know what to do with their leads, how to close or upsell them.

So, you have a lead – now what?  Build the relationship with your customer, find out what motivates them, what’s in the way of achieving what they’re after and then provide the solution. Sounds simple enough – doesn’t it?

Now here’s a shift in mindset… all comments are not in the ‘comments field’ but the ‘LEAD zone’.  These are all LEADS.  It’s our job to shift through the quality of these LEADS.

It’s in how you approach these comments and chats in messenger, as to how you close them. 

5.        People cannot get duplication, therefore Zero income.

This awesome industry works on creating teams. It’s about duplication. 

If you’re complicating the process, you’ll struggle with growing a team. You want to make it look easy. You want this whole thing to feel natural. But how do you do that?

I’ve said it before and will continue to say it, ‘This business model is about Personal Development and Leadership’.

If you want your team to grow, post on LEADERHIP.  Give them VALUE and they will come!

Show your audience that you are a Leader worth following, someone that offers VALUE with opportunity at the back end.

VALUE meaning, posts around Hacks, CRM tools, tips and shortcuts to improve their business.  Does your audience need to be Modere people?  No!  They can be from any other network marketing business.  And that’s what we want.

Remember, Network Marketing is about TIMING.  If you offer VALUE, there will be a TIME they may want to switch companies.  And if you’ve stepped up and shown your Leadership skills, guess who they’ll think of when the TIMING is right?

Connie Matthews

Social Marketer Success Manager