Something Big Is Coming

As you know, the incredible new M3 body program is about to land. So, to help get you and all your new M3 prospects up-to-speed as well as over-the-moon… we’ve developed an  M3 Countdown Page. Watch on as we count down to the online launch date of Monday, 14 August. Plus, get them to use your Promo Code for access.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, when you begin to create curiosity about M3, get that brand new person to head over to and enter their details. We will then capture their email address as well as your Promo Code (so make sure you let them know to enter your Code!)  When M3  goes online, we’ll send an email to notify them M3 is now available for ordering, and remind them to use your Promo Code accordingly!

It will get your people right in the M3 loop!

Countdown Page

Have a look around and get your prospects knowing that something big is coming!