[This blog is part of a regular series highlighting — in their own words — the achievements and backstory of Social Marketers whose contributions to Modere shine out.]


Without a Team there is no Leader and without a Leader there is no Team

I am so very grateful to Carmel Nimmerrichter for her love and support. I attended Leadership in 2015 and decided that for me to find growth in my business I had to step up and be the Leader of my Team. It was the change in my thought process that made the difference.

I knew Modere was coming and we have always been taught not to reinvent the wheel, follow our Upline and learn from them. It was not going to be the case with Modere so I started training myself, teaching my team, running private Born Rich courses, teaching social media and finding a way to maintain constant contact throughout the transition. Modere arrived and my team was ready.

Pauline Rowley instigated my drive. In the first three months of joining Neways, she said to me ‘One day I might be good enough.’ If she only knew what fire in my belly those few words caused.

I love Modere and the changes that have been made. I love being able to see my Team grow through Shifting Retail, I love being able to order easily and I love the way it works for us not against us.

More than anything I love the product.

My team are fiery, passionate, intelligent and driven. They are each eager to make changes to their homes and their friends. I am so blessed to have them walk with me on this journey. Without my team I would not be celebrating the dual achievement of Car Qualified and Social Marketer Director 2. This title belongs to each of them, to my husband Sam and to my family. Thank you.

Terri McClure