What the best dressed business builders are wearing…

Our heartiest of congratulation to the Social Marketers who are now wearing their Modere shirts with pride knowing that they won them through their business building efforts!

In September, we offered the stylish ‘Modere Modern Life. Styled’ tee shirt for any Social Marketer who acquired 10 new Customers during the month.

Those Social Marketers who took the challenge and walked away with the tee shirt were:

Sandra & Bruno Karlin

Brady John Schulz

Louise Dunne

Kelly & David Litterick

Peggy & John Catsicas

Jac Ford

Melanie Burns

Tanella Puccio

Rene & Vivienne Roth

Kerrin Angel-Irvine

Kelly Stewart

Eris Watkins

Rebecca McQuilty

Kale Brock

Laura Raghunathan


Then, last month we doubled down on the challenge and offered an exclusive Modere Polo t-shirt for Social Marketers who added 10 new Customers anywhere in their pod. Again the challenge whas met and conquered by these winners:

Lisa & Sharon Purcell

Kristie Hope & Ailene Taylor

Dayni Baker

Lee-Anne Webb

Marian Rubock

Natalie Barr

Kelly & David Litterick

Nicole & Andrew Steen

Laura Raghunathan

Rene & Vivienne Roth


Who knows what incentives we may have in future months? (We don’t, the Promotions Department is being uncharacteristically tight lipped about it, but we’re sure they have something up their sleeves!) No matter what the future holds, any time you add Customers to your Pod you’re on a path to being a winner with Modere!