1. It’s Luna Park, people! Only the most iconic fun park in the country’s history. Luna Park Sydney remains the granddaddy of fun, frivolity and hair-frizzing fun-park rides. All, smack-bang in the heart of Sydney, nestled right next to the Harbour Bridge. And just a ferry ride, direct to either Darling Harbour or Circular Quay and the city itself. And now it’s a fabulous conference centre as well. And just wait until you see where Momentum is all going to happen. It’s called The Big Top, and with good reason. A fantastic auditorium complete with incredible sound, video and lighting production.
    2. The Breakfast Club. This breakfast will tantalise you, refresh and energise you. One of the most highly valued experiences of the SRC weekend, The Breakfast Club is your big chance to be rubbing shoulders, picking brains and scoring business-changing insights. Hosted at the opulent Shangri-La Hotel, The Breakfast Club is THE event of your Modere year, when it comes to taking your business to the next level with exclusive insights and inspiration from the Elite levels of Leadership and achievement.
    3. Bring three and you’re free. Here’s the plan. You book your SRC ticket now. Then, describe how much fun, how inspiring and how awesome SRC actually is to three of your Modere newbie Social Marketers and get them to attend. It promises to be a fantastic weekend for all of you. Then, the moment you all register at SRC reception, you’ll get your ticket refunded on the spot. Plan!

  1. Business building will be booming. The business insights you’re about to get from witnessing our keynote, special guest and leadership speakers, will blow your mind. In fact, simply sitting in the midst of a pumped up Modere audience in a charged The Big Top auditorium, will have you excited and enthusiastic. There’s also no better way to experience what Modere is all about and the amazing rewards that this incredible business is capable of delivering.
  2. Three… two… one… M3 Launch! It’s taking the US market by storm because of its stunning simplicity, ease and efficacy… and it’s about to take over Australia and New Zealand! A huge part of Momentum SRC in August will be the launch of our new M3 program. Launched with Greg Horn, the man, scientist and formulator behind this amazing system, you’ll discover the philosophical heart and soul instilled in M3.
  3. After Partyyyy! Now, Modere have a bit of a reputation for rather joyous SRC after parties. At the risk of sounding immodest, the After Party we have planned following our Momentum SRC in Sydney is going to go through-the-roof. Held in the opulent Crystal Palace, under the Luna Park Ferris Wheel and overlooking the bridge, the city, Darling Harbour… I mean, come on! This will be the most spectacular culmination and celebration of a Modere SRC of all time.

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