Disruption Is The New Paradigm

I was fortunate enough to attend my inaugural Direct Selling Australia (DSA) Conference last week in Sydney’s fabulous Double Bay.  Celebrating the 50th anniversary of DSA, the tone was very much one of optimism and excitement for a bright future which was delivered with an energised theme;

Disruption is the new paradigm:  It’s time to turn it up! 

Intensely focussed on embracing the digital age, the challenge was posed to us of how we as an industry can enhance the overall customer experience and drive a vision that maintains relevance amongst our consumer audience.

The directive was to go forth and be a disruptor; change the thinking to be dynamic, embrace change and, ultimately, be ahead of the game.

Consumers today demand quality and want options. They are more savvy than we give them credit for and they want everything NOW!

For me, the key message is this: How can we raise the bar on the customer experience we’re offering, to provide the ultimate, unforgettable experience tailored for each person so they feel an instant connection with our company and brand?

We need to invest time and effort to understand who our customers really are, what they want, how they use our products, how they live their lives and how Modere can have a profoundly positive impact on them.

We need to be constantly open and insightful, remaining relevant to them, staying ahead of the game, embracing technology and, as a result… disrupting this industry like never before.

Lisa Messenger reminded us, our greatest advantage in this exciting industry is the value of human connection; People fall in love with other people and connect with your story.  The take-out was a reminder to always know your why.  Why you do what you do and why you love what you do.  When you remain true to your ‘why’ and have a clear vision, everything else will fall into place.  When we’re facing adversity, as we often do in this industry, we are brave enough to stand back up again and conquer.  As the saying goes “Fall down seven times, get back up eight!”

Lisa concluded by lighting this fuse; always challenge the status quo, with the inspiration to always carve our own path.

Stay Humble, Stay Hungry! Things change constantly, so never get complacent in our position or with what we do. Innovate, challenge our thinking, be dynamic and think outside of how things are usually done – Always!

Honestly, I entered my first DSA conference and a whole new channel of product sales and marketing, somewhat apprehensively, given this is a new industry to me from a corporate perspective.  The unknown is always a scary thing and fear can often hold us back from making the change or taking the leap forward. I can assure you that after surrounding myself with fabulous industry leaders and listening to the potential of what could lie ahead, I walked away ecstatic about the future and full of exciting new ideas to implement with a great team moving forward.

I’m inspired about the future of this exciting industry and delighted to have joined such an optimistic, authentic company with strong values. Not to mention, a sensational team of people, both at a corporate level and in the field with such a dedicated network of Social Marketers and Customers.

Honestly, I could not be more excited about the future of Modere and the exciting plans we have in place.  Stay tuned… and prepare for greatness!