It makes us, and everyone around us, feel kinda awesome.
It’s a natural balance, complementing a full, healthy range of emotions.
It’s feeling pleasure, contentment, bliss, joy… all the good stuff.
It makes us strive towards positive things, motivating us, making us productive and setting goals.
It does wonders for us, inside. But it does wonders when you share it, outside.

In honour of International Day of Happiness today March 20, we asked some of the Modere HQ team what happiness means to them. Here’s what we got:

“Being surrounded by everyone I love” Liz

“Seeing a well cared for and happy dog especially out walking” Jill

“Family” Bridie

“A fridge full of chilled sauvignon blanc!” Sandy

“Putting a smile on the face of a loved one” Pauley

“Inner peace” Natalia

” Home (and by home I mean my four boys, Basil the spoodle and a gin in hand) Sonja

“Being at peace with yourself” Taylor

“Having family and friends to love and be loved by” Pat

“Immense gratitude for the people in my life and the lifestyle I live” Esha

“Peace, freedom, connection, family, friends and champagne” Josie

“Feeling loved” Sally

Today of all days, bring your happy out to play… Happy International Happiness day!