Q: Is there a way of viewing qualifications and points prior to the previous bonus month?
A: Yes, data for the past 12 bonus months is available.
Simply go to Reports > Network Reports > and select the bonus month you want in the report date selection field.
Select the Run Report button to display on screen or select the Download Report button to download into an Excel spreadsheet.

Q: Can I see my team’s Sales Title (Promoter) and Marketer (Builder) Title and their Paid Sales Title and Paid Marketer Title for the bonus month on network reports?
A: Yes, they are included in your network report. The Highest Title column is the Social Marketer’s Builder (Marketer) Title. The Paid Title column, is the Paid Builder (Marketer) Title achieved for the bonus month.
The Highest Sales Title column, is the Social Marketer’s Sales (Promoter) Title and the Sales Title column, is the Paid Sales (Promoter) Title achieved for the bonus month. At present there is some inconsistency in title names that will soon be standardised globally.

Q: How can I find my total Social Marketer count or other statistics on my team/network?
A: The best way to get more in depth information on your team/network is to download your network report into an excel spreadsheet. This gives you flexibility and control on what you want to report on. Please note though the network report will only include up to 10 levels deep.

Q: Where do we find our Social Marketer’s renewal and joining/sign up dates?
A: All Social Marketer’s joining dates are available in the business dashboard. We are working on having the sign up date added to the network reports, but at this stage until we have another system upgrade we cannot include the renewal dates in the network reports.

Q: How are the percentages calculated, for the Promoter and Builder titles on the business dashboard and home?
A: Each title qualification is considered and the pie chart % is not just based on your organisational points. Don’t get too focused on this, just use it as a quick reference. If it is under 100% then you should refer to the detailed qualifications under the pie chart to determine why you haven’t met the title qualification.

Q: Why can’t I see my international team in the business dashboard?
A: Only markets that have upgraded to the new Shifting Retail will have their Social Marketers complete details available in the business dashboard. So at this stage although you can see the Social Marketer’s name in the dashboard if you select them only Australian and New Zealand Social Marketers details will display.
As markets upgrade to the new Shifting Retail, your international downline for that market will then be available in the business dashboard.
At present, if you want to access your global network’s points and qualifications that information is available on the Network Reports.

Q: If a new Social Marketer qpualifies for free shipping on their first order on sign up, are they still entitled to other promotions and discounts?
A: The free shipping offer does not affect any other offers the new Social Marketer may qualify for.

Q: When a new Social Marketer signs up why does their order taken longer than normal to be finalised?
A: Every new Social Marketer join up is placed on hold for verification, to ensure they meet the Modere sign up requirements. This ensures Social Marketer account quality and integrity.

Q: Why does the new Shifting Retail website not have a ‘Remember Me’ option?
A: The new Shifting Retail website uses a new login system with additional security features and it no longer remembers login details.
If you wish to save your login details you can use the Save or Remember password option that is built into your particular web browser. Please be aware that saving your password in a web browser means that anyone who gains access to your device can also access all your Shifting Retail account without needing to know your password. Therefore, for your privacy and security, Modere recommends against saving passwords in your web browser.
Another option is the use of a reputable third-party password manager e.g. 1Password. If you choose this option, be aware this is something you will need to undertake of your own accord, and Modere does not provide support on this.

Q: Why does the 60 Day Placement option only appear in the Business menu for some Social Marketers accounts?
A: Our 60 Day Placement rules only allow Director 1s and above to place Social Marketers. This policy is in place to protect Social Marketer businesses and future commissions by only allowing experienced Social Marketers to place Social Marketers within their network.


Q: When will there be updated training modules on Shifting Retail?
A: There are plans to develop and enhance the training section. We will keep you updated.

Q: Where do I update my renewal, address, phone number and other account information?

A: In settings

Q: When will the other Modere markets have the new Shifting Retail?
A: The plan is for North America to upgrade their Shifting Retail in August. Followed by Japan in September and Europe in October. As other markets are upgraded, full details for international downline in those markets will be available in the business dashboard. These dates are subject to change.