The Modere Advisory Board (MAB) is a group of senior Social Marketers from Australia & New Zealand, who represent all Social Marketers at meetings held and in discussions with the Australian Corporate Management Team.

It is very important that we have ongoing communication with our Social Marketers to gain insight into a broad range of thoughts, ideas and suggestions, and the MAB is an ideal vehicle to enhance communication from the field to corporate, and vice versa.

In line with our communication strategy and to utilise current technology, these MAB meetings will now be held via a Zoom Webinar/Meeting twice a year, with additional face to face meetings if and when required. This forum will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss matters which are relevant and are a source of support and vision, and are designed to represent both Social Marketers and customers alike.

We have recently made some changes to the MAB and have appointed some new members to the MAB. Your State Representatives are now as follows:

NSW Representatives:
Laurence Billing                            Jill Lenffer

QLD Representatives:
Toni Frame                                        Matthew Riddell

SA Representatives:
Louise Macartney                             Michelle Gerogles-Austin

VIC Representatives:
Jennifer Bush                                  Kym Fitzpatrick

WA Representatives:
Tracy Starling                                    Sarah Johnson

NZ Representatives:
Rina Adlam                                     Marsella Edmonds

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the leaders who previously made up the MAB, who have kindly taken a step back to allow some new faces to represent the field. Everybody has willingly given of their time and effort to make Modere a better company for everyone.

All Social Marketers can choose to submit items for discussion at the MAB meetings. There is a blank slate for contributions – anything related to products, processes, new suggestions, changes, ideas – all relevant to improving Modere in any way – are welcome. Some answers can be provided by the MAB member immediately where they are available, and others will be added to the agenda for discussion.

Our next MAB Meeting, to be held via Zoom Meeting, is scheduled for Sunday, 28 October 2018.

If you have a question, idea or issue you feel strongly about please forward it to the MAB via your upline Director 2 Social Marketer by Friday, 5 October 2018.

Director 2 Social Marketers should then forward all submissions to their respective State MAB representative no later than Friday, 12 October 2018.

MAB members will then collate these submissions and forward them to Corporate for consideration for the October 2018 MAB meeting.

Any items received after this date are not able to be included in the agenda.