Since I was introduced to Modere my life has changed for the better in so many ways. I have been able to get in control of my health and my family’s health, I have been able to help many others do the same, and I have the opportunity to generate a residual income from simply sharing what I am passionate about and absolutely love – the products and the company’s mission.

I started using the products when I was in the first trimester of my twin pregnancy in 2010. I researched the products and company, and over the years have come to see that there was nothing else that came close to Modere in terms of safety, quality, purity, potency and integrity. I couldn’t help but tell others about it. It was so easy to help others by sharing products that I had experienced so much success with.

Since the launch of Modere in August 2015, with the help and support of my Leaders, and my amazing team, I recently qualified as Director Level 1.

Some tips that I have learned from the training and support offered through Modere and my senior Leaders: It is so important to have the right mindset to ride it out when things get rough or don’t go to plan, because anything worth having does not come easy. So expect the bumps, learn from them, and stay on track anyway. Don’t take naysayers and rejections personally, not everyone sees the gift we have to share, and not everyone dares to dream big. Follow your passion, serve and help others, and you can’t go wrong. And above all, stay focused on your goals. If you don’t have a really strong, heart-centred reason as to WHY you’re doing this, then you risk getting easily distracted or thrown off track.

My Leaders are some of the most inspiring and generous people I have ever met. They have been there to support me, invest in me, believe in me, encourage me and help me out in so many different areas of my life beyond Modere. So, thank you so much to Louise Macartney, Eris Watkins and Greg & Erica Rowsell for all you have done and continue to do for me. I get so much from each of you in so many different ways. I truly look up to you all, and am honoured and grateful to be a part of our community.

I am also so very fortunate and grateful to have the team that I work with – amazing, dedicated and passionate women who I am so humbled to have on this journey with me, and who will absolutely leave their mark on this world. I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds for us. 2016 is going to be a very big year – we are in the right place, at the right time.