What another inspiring month of achievements in February with a steady surge in rank advancements nationally, 6 Team Leader promotions and with Shellie and Bret Gaskin of Victoria being welcomed to the D1 club.

The dedication and sheer determination of so many Modere Social Marketers to achieve milestones of both business growth and professional rank continues to fuel the progression of the brand in the Australasian market on both sides of the Tasman.

These February results continue to reflect the huge momentum push into the year since the truly inspiring SRC with incredible achievements in the areas of seller ranks, solid sponsorship and rank advancements.

Who else has earned the accolades and a turn in the spotlight for February? Click here for all the details.

We offer a big round of applause and congratulations to all and look forward to continuing this momentum throughout the year with some exciting new product releases that are bound to inspire all.