If you’re reading this, you’re already logged into the Shifting Retail site. The product site is exclusively for shopping and product information. However, Shifting Retail is exclusively for Social Marketers. Think of it as your back office, and you’ll know what goes on.

Ultimately, Shifting Retail is designed to put all the tools you need as a Social Marketer at your fingertips. Some of those tools are purely informational, while others provide the resources you’ll need to run your business successfully.

If you haven’t already familiarised yourself with what’s available, take this short walkthrough tour with us and make sure you’re using the site to your best advantage.

First up is the Dashboard. This is the nuts and bolts of how your business and your organisation are doing on a month to month basis. At a glance you’ll see Organisational Points, Marketer Points, your customer count, all of your qualified legs and more – if it is about the numbers of building your business, you’ll find it right here.

Click over to Tools and take a deeper look at what’s happening in your business. Essentially a highly expanded version of the Dashboard, this is likely to become your favourite page on the site with its important and regularly needed information. Get the facts on all Social Marketers in your network and see your personal Customer Activity Points. Discover the lowdown on the latest Events direct from the corporate calendar with MeetUps, Escapes, regionals, conferences and more.

You can order stationery for your business and manage your leads with the Contact Manager. Statements? Check! Modere Social? Check! It really is packed with useful information – and with the Social Marketer App and Weight Management tabs ready to come on line soon (and much more coming down the line!), you’ll want to visit here regularly.

Trying to work out just how to do something online or learn something new? From the Dashboard, click on the Training link. This page is packed with training videos, ‘how to’ instructions and links to webinars – and again, there’s plenty more to come! If it’s for you or your team, it’s the key to reproducible results.

From the Dashboard, you can also access the Resources page. All the documents you need to build your business are right here. Download whatever you need from the neatly categorised selection with ease. Forms, documents, literature and more in a variety of formats abound!

Want a deeper insight into an aspect of Modere or just a decent and informed read? This blog post is part of The Buzz page. These posts are written specifically for Social Marketers across a range of categories that include events, business building, the company, health and wellness and more.

Up in the page header you’ll find the link to the ever-expanding Modere FAQ. As the title suggests, if there’s a question you need an answer to or simply something you’re having trouble getting your head around, odds are you’ll find an answer here.

Of course, if you still can’t find an answer to something that’s puzzling you, your first port of call should be your upline Social Marketers or contact the Corporate office. Our number is (08) 8364 3660 or email us at info@modere.com.au

Naturally there’s much more to the Shifting Retail site and we have even more planned. So dive in and have a look around; there’s a world of information and a whole lot of handy tools at your disposal.