Hello everyone,

The CMA is a ‘leading expert association exclusively committed to a vital and sustainable complementary healthcare products industry’. They believe in a holistic healthcare model based on promoting long-term wellness for the community.

We at Modere corporate have an outward focus is on attracting, retaining and growing customers through the creation of an outstanding Modere brand and quality Live Clean products that you can be proud of – oh and not to mention company ethics that you can rely upon and a focused vision you can feel excited in sharing.

There were so many highlights of the conference, however the stand out points from a marketing perspective were:

  • Our industry is certainly changing and it seems it’s at a pivotal point. There is a strong customer demand more than ever for natural medicines that act in the prevention of disease and this is where Modere comes in…
  • There is 4.2 billion dollars in export from the AU – yes a huge market internationally!
  • Two thirds of Australians use complementary medicines
  • We have had 12 consecutive years as an upward trend in people using herbal and botanical medicine
  • And there has been a 690% increase in Herbal Medicine clinical literature from 1977!

Herbal highlights:

  • Cinnamon – research supports a mild to moderate benefit in managing blood glucose levels
  • Echinacea – a surprising amount of research found Echinacea can enhance immunity and lower the risk of infections
  • Garlic – lowers blood pressure and may be protective against gastric disease
  • Green Tea – good for lowering blood pressure
  • Suspected herb and drug interactions aren’t always borne out, they must be checked by practitioners in the mainstream and the complementary sector
  • Herbal medicines rarely produce serious and adverse effects.

Stand out points from a regulatory perspective:

The conference revealed an industry that is good for us and our bottom line, a healthy industry connected to healthy people.

And for me personally, why wait to be sick before considering your health?

With Australia at the forefront of quality and innovation in complementary health care, there’s a lot to gain.

Resources: Complementary Medicines Australia

Stay healthy and happy!

Esha Dwight
Brand Manager, Health and Wellness.