Q: How long before customers should expect to see results after commencing SHAPE?
A: Although there can be much variation between people and the results desired, we would suggest that Customers should start to see a difference to their body composition (which is different to their weight) within 4 weeks of using SHAPE with the use of a suitable diet and daily exercise.

Q: Is it correct that SHAPE should only be taken for a period of 6 months, then a break is required?
A: This applies if following a restrictive diet. If taking Shape as part of a weight loss program, extending past six months would warrant medical input and guidance.

Q: How long is the break that would be needed and why?
A: Ideally, you’d have a break of one to three months; however for more specific advice, please refer to your health professional.

Q: What happens if after 6 months they stop taking SHAPE – will results achieved diminish?
A: Lifestyle and diet are the keys to successful weight loss. Benefits are dependent upon your adherence to a healthy lifestyle with appropriate diet and exercise.