SRC is an experience we get to share in together.
It’s a unique feeling of connection, celebration and excitement that comes only once a year.

And even though this year we were watching both from in the room and across Australia, we were still connected.

We laughed at the same jokes from Sam Long & Brett Davis, together we felt moved and inspired by our keynote speaker Amanda Stevens, and as one audience we recognised and celebrated the amazing achievements of our team members.

But hey, don’t take our word for it.
We reached out to a few SRC attendees, both in the room & virtual, to hear how SRC 22 was from their perspective. Below are their stories.

SRC 2019 was the first event I went to when I was just 10 days in this business.
It changed my mindset.
It actually set the standards high for me and gave me a vision to drive for.
I took 80% of my team to this SRC this year. I loved the connection. I loved how friendly everyone was. It felt like long lost friends meeting after 2 years.
There was happiness, humour, fun in the air. This SRC was very practical. All the takeaways and tips I took, I implemented into my business straight away.
The show-stealer was Gala aka big fat Indian wedding. We were stunned by how big and beautiful it was. How much effort Modere put into this event. It was inspiring to see all these big leaders achieving high titles, we came home with a bigger vision and ready to achieve more in life.
– Habia Gill

 Huge thanks to Modere for offering the option of attending SRC in Queensland or watching it Live streamed.
Loved hosting it at my home this year with the team and watching it live from Movie World.
Congratulations to all the presenters and achievers. It’s always inspiring to hear so many heartfelt stories, and exciting to see Modere continue to reach new levels… even during challenging times!
Shout out to Allana, Liz and all the corporate team for putting on such a fabulous conference in spite of all the difficulties!
So grateful, more than ever, to be part of such an amazing company that makes a huge difference to peoples lives.
– Louise Macartney

How amazing is it to be back at live events?!?!
After 2 years with Modere, this was my first SRC and I was truly impressed with what they were able to put together under such trying circumstances. Although we all build our businesses online, there really is nothing that can beat the connections and relationship building that you get from being face to face with your team and the rest of the field.
THANK YOU to the Modere Corporate team for all the time and effort they put into creating such an amazing event, and my advice to those of you out there building a business with Modere… “If you are serious about your business don’t miss the next one because there is nothing better that you can do to boost your belief, strengthen relationships, and be excited about your future than attending SRC!!!”
– Matt Jolly

2022 SRC! Even though I had absolute FOMO not being there in person, I am still so grateful to have been able to watch virtually!
So many SM’s stood outside of their comfort zones to speak on stage, walking up to receive recognitions and even just for attending their very first SRC! This is the first event that was both in person and virtual and for Modere corporate, they did an amazing job! They held everything together so well and each of them should be so proud of their hard work! You will always experience something for the first time and for you guys at Modere this was your first time hosting an event both in person and virtually so well done!
– Emily Separovic

WOW where do i start..
My first SRC experience was amazing .
To be in the room and meet so many SM’s and be able to reconnect after the crazy years we have had. To hear stories from so many gave us all vision and direction that this business can and will change your life.
The themes that came through were consistency, telling our stories, showing our faces and knowing your Why to drive your business to the next level.
Thank you to the whole team at Modere for your efforts in putting this event together.
– Luisa Onorato